Great App for Meeting Up With Friends While Traveling


sup app meet up with friends on vacation

Try the Sup app for meeting friends while on vacation

Picture this: you’re on holiday in Barcelona, and you check in on Facebook to let your friends know where you are. On the day of your departure, you get a message from an old friend saying: “I’m in Barcelona too! Let’s meet up!” But it’s too late – you’re boarding your flight home.


Sound familiar? People miss out on meeting up with friends all too often. Services like Facebook’s ‘Check In’ aren’t very efficient – people might not see your location in time. And friend-finding apps like ‘Find My Friends’ are creepy – nobody likes being tracked. Don’t broadcast your location to the world. If you want to meet up with friends while traveling, there’s only one service that works: Sup.

Sup is an app that shows you which friends are nearby. Even if you think nobody’s around, it’ll alert you when somebody comes in your area. And it doesn’t use maps, it’ll only show distance – wave goodbye to creepiness.

If you’re traveling this holiday season, make sure you download the Sup app. It’s the best way to see your friends more often – even when you’re not expecting to.

After all, what’s better than a holiday with friends?

sup app meet up with friends on vacation




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