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Chaoyang Theater Beijing Acrobatics discountshow tickets


The Chaoyang Theatre

The Chaoyang Theater is a huge theater with more than 3,000 square meters reserved for hosting world class shows, events and entertainment acts. With more than 20 years of the best events in the big city of Beijing, it is definitely one of the must see locations on your Beijing trip. A favorite of many tourists is the amazing acrobatic show, which has already hosted more than 3,000,000 foreign visitors.

Now offering discount ticket bookings for the show, prices start from just $30 per person. Check out the Beijing Acrobatic Show website for a detailed price list and seat map. Please note that this deal is available for online bookings only. No additional discount for children. 


Breathtaking Acrobatics

The acrobatic show of Chaoyang Theatre in Beijing is really something that you will not find anywhere else. Rich tradition of acrobatics in China has reached its peak here, with incredible gymnastic acts, daring stunts and numerous whole-body juggling performances. This show will definitely leave you speechless, breathless and even with a bit of doubt about the authenticity of everything that you saw on the stage.

The show itself consists of different parts and what starts off as a simple dance performance which quickly turns into a breathtaking gymnastics act. Around half way into the show you will start to feel the first symptoms of disbelief and the feeling of hope for the acrobats to survive till the end. Do not be surprised if you tend to leave your eyes closed during most of the second part of the show!

Chaoyang Theater Beijing Acrobatics  showPerforming acrobats here really test the bounds of possibility, to say the least. They are definitely superb acrobats that dedicated their lives to more than 2,000 year old circus style of acrobatic shows that developed in China. Circus style of acrobatics shows – as opposed to the martial arts style, the second acrobatics style that was also developed in China – emphasize balance and extreme flexibility, together with amazing group coordination.

And this is exactly what you can expect to see in the acrobatics show in Chaoyang Theater– amazing solo performances that emphasize extreme flexibility and body strength, daring group acts that include everything from jumping, riding motorbikes and building human pyramids, to two or three person juggling acts.


A Touch of Traditional Chinese Culture

All you need to add to the mix is a bit of tradition. Show would not be as unique without a bit of traditional Chinese and Beijing culture. And I am not talking just about the old Chinese porcelain that is used in most of the juggling acts. No, old Chinese tradition can be felt throughout the whole show, from colourful costumes to the national music playing in the background.




So, embrace yourself for breathtaking, dangerous and unforgettable journey into the long lasting acrobatic tradition of China that can only be seen in the Chaoyang Theatre!






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