How to get the most out of your travel dollars

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Love to travel in luxury but want to save money at the same time? Here are three simple to follow tips on how to get the most from your travel budget:


Set a budget and stick to it

Even frequent flyers with millions of airline and hotel points love to save on travel, but many of us make some rookie mistakes that this advice may allow you to avoid !! The first thing you need to do is set a budget and not go over it, this will allow you to enjoy your travel to the max.


Research your options

Secondly do some research, if you are flying overseas look at using discount airlines like Norwegian this will reduce what may be your largest expense, you can easily save over $1,000 flying into a secondary city on a low budget airline . Thirdly research and book all your hotels before you leave, this can save you money as once you are on the road wi-fi may not be as reliable and you won’t have as much time to look for lower rates or offers on the hotels you want.

Try to use a credit card that has 0% foreign transaction fees. This saves on ATM fees and conversion rates, and it also gives you the bonus of earning miles or cash back. you can rack up a ton of huge expenses without one, even a trip to Canada incurs foreign transaction fees.


Best time to travel

Lastly try to travel in the off season. If you can be flexible with your dates, traveling in the off-season will make it possible for you to see those touristy places without such a price tag. Hotels are often marked down greatly during these times.


Need some more ideas on how to stretch your travel budget? We found this great post on Frequent Flyer Forums with more excellent tips to help you save on your next vacation.



Safe travels !!

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