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North Vietnam offers visitors with a wide range of things to do. Hanoi is the capital, as well as the transportation hub of the country. Most visitors go through the city when they visit Vietnam. However, there are other places to see in the region, and each one of them is truly amazing. And the best way to explore the region is through a Northern Vietnam Tour 11 Days.


When you go on a North Vietnam Travel, you will see the cascading rice terraces and rippling mountain ranges. When you visit Halong Bay, you will see a serene seascape. Aside from the wonderful scenery, Northern Vietnam is also known for its rich culture. There you will find various hill-tribe villages and their diverse culture. You will also chance upon highland markets where you can buy indigo fabrics by the Black Hmong and scarlet headdresses made by the Dzao tribe. Below are some of the stops and places during the Northern Vietnam Tour 11 Days.


Ban Doc Waterfall North Vietnam Travel Deals


Hanoi is the starting point of your North Vietnam travel. It is rich in history, and there you can find various historical spots that include The Temple of Literature, which is the first university of Vietnam, and the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, which is the resting place of the greatest hero of the country.

Hanoi’s old quarter has 36 streets that are named according to the commodities that were sold there before. At present, it is full of tourists each day. Inside the capital are several lakes, and the famous one of all is the Hoan Kiem.


Ba Be National Park

The Ba Be is the eighth national park of Vietnam. It features towering limestone mountains that have valleys wrapped in dense forests. You can also find caves, waterfalls and lakes when you visit Ba Be National Park.


Ban Gioc Waterfall

Ban Gioc Waterfall is another stop of your North Vietnam Travel. It is the largest waterfall in Vietnam, but at around 30 meters, it is definitely not the highest. Its span is wide that one side falls in China while the other side falls in Vietnam.


Ha Giang Province

Ha Giang is known as the final frontier of North Vietnam. It features amazing limestone mountains and granite outcrops. The northern part of the province has beautiful scenery, especially when you take a trip between Dong Van and Yen Minh.


Bac Ha

Sunday is the day to visit Bac Ha. During that day, the market is filled with villagers and tourists. More often than not, a North Vietnam Travel itinerary includes a visit to Bac Ha during the market day so that you have the chance to buy some souvenirs.

These are just some of the places you’ll see during the Northern Vietnam Tour 11 Days. Learn more about the tour by contacting North Vietnam Travel.




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