Working Out While Traveling: Europe’s Top Gyms

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Every aspect of our health regimen depends on our stress-response system – stresses like lifting weights and doing cardio are balanced with proper recoveries like nutrition and sleep. If you mess up that balance, you will feel bad, get sick or get injured. Furthermore, according to a Dranitsin study, traveling also causes significant stress to your system. While you might feel like you are taking a vacation, in reality, you are subjecting your body to time zone changes, weather alterations and different diets. When trying to strike that perfect balance, it’s useful to know the top spots even while away on vacation. To help you out on your next overseas trip, we’ve compiled a list of some of Europe’s top gyms and fitness centers.

Solid as A Rock: Flex Gym –Budapest, Hungary

If you are one of the 400.000 people that flock to the Sziget Festival (one of the largest music festivals in the world) every August, and find yourself in a need for some training, you might want to look up Flex Gym. The three-level gym is equipped with everything you need – weight training area, Kettlebells, TRX and more. In addition, the facilities include a Flex-N-French restaurant and an infrared sauna, if you ever want to relax after a good workout. If the facility is good enough for Dwayne Johnson, how can anybody complain?

Get Fit On The Fly: The Kempinski Hotel Fit & Fly Spa –Munich, Germany

Seeing how traveling can throw-off anyone’s workout schedule completely, it is no wonder that airport gyms are popping-up all over the world. The Kempinski Hotel is located in the Munich Airport, and the 400 square-foot gym allows fitness-minded visitors to get a power workout. A day pass to the fitness center costs about $40, and grants you access to personal trainers, top-notch equipment and a 55-foot long daylight-filled pool area. After a training session, visitors can enjoy the Jacuzzi, steam bath and Finnish sauna.

Scrapyard Fitness: Kachalka Outdoor Gym – Kyiv, Ukraine

In contrast to the Kempinski Hotel gym, you have the world-famous outdoor gym in Ukraine. For more than 35 years, the Kachalka gym has attracted fitness fans from all around the world, in addition, the set of over 200 machines is free for anyone to use. Even though the exercise machines are made out of scrap metal, Kachalka never suffers from a lack of visitors – the free access provides an opportunity for both natives and tourists to exercise on an equal footing, regardless of social status. 

Workout 24/7: Non Stop Fitness – Belgrade, Serbia

Non Stop Fitness is the first (and still the only one) fitness center in Serbia that works 24 hours a day.  The qualified team of trainers and personal instructors, with many years of experience working in Sweden’s top gyms, will help you stay fit and even pack on some serious muscle mass during your trip. While some state-of-the-art gyms are known to be pricey, Non Stop offers first-rate equipment and training regimes for a reasonable price.

Bodybuilding Mecca: Original Temple Gym – Birmingham, England

Anyone who wants an old-school training paired with the most modern gear should definitely check out Original Temple in Birmingham. The home of the original Nautilus equipment was originally opened in 1962; nearly 20 years later, Dorian Yates (six-time Mr. Olympia and the current owner) entered the door and transformed the Temple’s legacy forever. The training facility is located in the basement, representing the belief that folks from all lifestyles are accepted within the within the walls its walls.

Too many people out there go on vacation knowing they will pack a few pounds and lose a level of their fitness, yet do nothing about it. There are many different options all across the continent, and even though you are in a new city and limited on time, you can still stay focused. Make it a point to schedule in some fitness, even on a holiday.


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